Art Nov. 20-22

Pointillism Project

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A Sunday on La Grande Jatte Georges-Pierre Seurat  — 1884

Students will continue to add value to their Pointillism Projects by juxtaposing dots using markers as a medium.


Art May 15-20


Students are creating 3D art. They are working in groups. They will be making colorful piñatas.



Don’t miss The Discovery School annual art exhibit. It will take place Saturday May 20th. Students best art pieces will be on exhibition. Once the General Assembly is finished students may take their work home.

Art May 2 to 5

Self- Portraits

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Students are using water-colors to create self-portraits. They have finished practicing water-color techniques. They have also studied facial features. They are now working on the end result and using previous knowledge to complete their projects.

Art March 6-10

Watercolor Animal Portraits


Students are nearly finished with their Animal Portraits. This week they will add a few finishing touches. Animal Portraits and Evaluations will be graded. Students who did not complete their Animal Portrait Project  will be evaluated for a presentation about ” Watercolors”.

Art Feb 27 to March 3

Watercolor Animal Portrait


  • Apply watercolors correctly
  • Use brush correctly
  • Review elements and principles of design


Once the sketch is finished onto the watercolor paper

students will begin to add several layers of watercolors using the previously used technique “ watercolor Practice”

Models are chosen by students.They may be pictures of their pets, or they may download them of of the internet.