ESPAÑOL (Semana del 26 al 30 de octubre.)

Día Tema Tarea Fecha de entrega
Lunes y martes  Acentuación de palabras Elabora una lista de 15 palabras agudas, 15 graves, 15 esdrújulas y 5 sobreesdrújulas que se tilden. Miércoles 28 de octubre.


Biblioteca Redacta un resumen sobre los caps. 21-22. Jueves 29  de octubre.
Prepararse para el control de lectura del día jueves de los capítulos 21-22.
Jueves Ortografía

Language Arts October 26-30

The 7th graders resume reading The Great Gatsby and answer chapter questions (chapter 3 & 4) this week for homework.  This will require a lot of at-home reading but the students will focus on literary skills to assist with the writing style of F.S. Fitzgerald.  There is a small vocabulary list from Gatsby that students will study and use for a practice spelling bee in preparation for the Language Arts Festival Spelling Bee on November 6 and the essay/oration competition on November 20th. The 1920s era essay was due last Thursday so there is still time to turn in the essay without reduction in grade.  7th graders will continue improving their writing structure with short essays from the chapter readings.  This is the opportunity for students to incorporate the skills learned from writing standards strategy.  There will be a quiz on Friday based on information from chapter 3 readings.

Español (Semana del 19 al 23 de octubre.)

Día Tema Tarea Fecha de entrega
Lunes, martes y miércoles Algunas técnicas de síntesis. Busca y copia en tu cuaderno un ejemplo de un mapa de conceptos y de un diagrama de Venn. Miércoles 21  de octubre.


Biblioteca Redacta un resumen sobre los caps. 19-20. Jueves 22  de octubre.
Prepararse para el control de lectura del día jueves de los capítulos 19-20.
Viernes ————–

Art Oct. 19-23

Seventh grade students are now working on their Water Color Projects. 7B has finished practicing different water-color excercises, they are now going to create a Water-Color Animal Portrait, for this they will need to bring a color portrait of an animal. It is always better when students use original pictures instead of downloading them from the internet, however, if this is not possible a downloaded image is accepted.

7A has begun to practice different water-color techniques.

7B Water Color Practice Exercises

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7A Pointillism Project

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Language Arts October 19-22

Waukegan, Illinois.  Circa 1920s

Waukegan, Illinois. Circa 1920s

The 7th graders had to take a pause on writing the 1920s era essay and dedicate time to writing their science essay.  Writing structure seems to be a problem so we spent time on “how to type an essay” such as double-space, indentation, suitable font and pitch (font size), cover page, bibliography and citation.  I want this skill to be ingrained so it will just be the standard format for their rest of their schools years to include college.  This week the 7th graders will resume researching and writing their 1920s era essay which is due at the end of the week (Thursday).  I realize they don’t understand why one must cite the work of others, so we’ll spend time synthesizing this skill.  Homework will consist of writing and revising their essays.  The essay will be due on Thursday and students will have a quiz Wednesday on the 5 essay writing steps, standard typing format and citation.

Language Arts Oct 12-16

gatsby halloweenThe 7th graders will be working on the science essay and their Gatsby essay which is due at the end of the week.  Most of the research for their 7th grade science essay is complete; the students need to work on their essay structure and citing their work.  That will be the bulk of their homework: editing and revising their science essay.  They will apply the essay structure and research skills into their Gatsby essay about the 1920’s era. There will be no test/quiz.

MUSIC 7th Oct. 12 -16


For the first part of the II quarter, the seventh graders will be working on recording an AUDIOBOOK.

  1. Book to be recorded  Blanca Olmedo , one of the most famous in Honduran literature.
  2. It will be in collaboration with spanish class.
  3. They will use the program AUDACITY  to record their voice and add some sound effects.



SÉPTIMO (Semana del 12 al 16 de octubre.)

Día Tema Tarea Fecha de entrega
Lunes, martes y miércoles Historia del español Dibuja un mapa donde ubiques todos los países donde el español es una lengua oficial. Jueves 15 de octubre.


Biblioteca Redacta un resumen sobre los caps. 17-18. Viernes 16  de octubre.
Prepararse para el control de lectura del día viernes de los capítulos 17-18.  
Viernes Ortografía    




L.3.1 Graphing and Writing Inequalities

Online tutor



HW: P.,PS 3.1  

Oct.13, 2015

L.3.2 Solving Inequalities by Adding and Subtracting

Online tutor

HW: P.,PS 3.2



Oct.14, 2015

L.3.3  Solving Inequalities by Multiplying and Dividing

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HW: P.,PS 3.3




Thurs. Oct.15, 2015 REVIEW

Online quizzes






Oct.16, 2015




IXL is also a part of the students’ weekly homework assignments. Each student must complete

the assigned IXL activities during the week. This will be checked every Sunday evening. This week

the students must complete: U.3 AND U.4 FOR SUNDAY OCTOBER 18



Do you want to improve your MAP scores?

Here is the math website:


Homework for Oct. 12-Oct. 16

Due: Thursday, Oct 15

Assignment 1:Continue with the States: New York-Texas (cap, largest city (by population, flag, state shape, and region)

Assignment 2: Study for Quiz 1 (Oct. 21) – US States (Connecticut-Mississippi) capital, abbreviation, flag, largest city, and shape

(these states will be on Quiz 1)

District of Columbia